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Tesrin YN-K104 Luxury Kitchen Sink with Digital Display and Waterfall Design

Tesrin YN-K104 Luxury Kitchen Sink with Digital Display and Waterfall Design

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Product Parameter

Item No: YN-K104

Sink size: 750*460mm/ 29.53*18.11 inch  
Sink depth: 220mm/ 8.66 inch
Plate thickness: 3mm / 0.12 inch
Material: 304 stainless steel with nano-coating
Color: Black
Package List: 1*kitchen sink, 1*faucet system with waterfall design, 1*drainage system, 1*basin, 1*drain basket, 1*cutting board

Please be informed that there are a total of two boxes for shipping. One box for the faucet system, the other box for the sink and accessories. 

There are three installation methods: above-counter, mid-counter, and under-counter installation. The recommended hole-cutting size for the above-counter installation is 720*430mm/ 28.35*16.93 inch. For mid-counter and under-counter installations, we recommend cutting the hole size on-site.

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Transform your kitchen sink into a workstation instantly

The kitchen sink features dual sliding bars, enabling the draining basket and cutting board to be moved freely.

Combined with a waterfall spout, ideal for various usage scenarios

Featuring 5 modes, for cutting, washing, and cleaning all in one: slicing water outlet, waist spray water outlet, water column outlet, pull-out cleaning mode, and waterfall outlet mode. Pressing the piano key allows for easy cleaning and rinsing of vegetables to prevent splashing.

Embedded advanced LED ambient lighting

Soft and gentle, enhances the stylish atmosphere and prevents aesthetic fatigue.

Comes with a built-in soap dispenser, making cleaning easy and efficient

Equipped with a soap container that can be squeezed at any time to clean dishes, saving both time and effort.

Experience the convenience of our temperature control switch

With a quick and easy twist of the knob, you'll have seamless mode switching, allowing you to achieve the perfect water temperature at your kitchen sink with precision.

A high-pressure cup washer saves time and labor

Simply press down to clean, no need for electricity, a new helper for cleaning.

Designed with a knob for drainage control

Reduces the need to manually lift the drain cover and minimizes contact with dirty water for convenient and hygienic use.

Honeycomb embossed design, durable and easy to clean

Upgraded honeycomb pattern with a denser arrangement that is less likely to stick to oil and dirt, making it easy to clean with just one rinse.